David & Carol SchillerDiscover how to use aromatherapy to unlock the powers of the mind. Formulas are given for dreams, introspection, meditation, visualization, and other mental and emotional uses in myriad forms including baths, candles, creams, facial sauna, massage, mist...
HEALING MASSAGE: for Babies & Toddlers
Julia WoodfieldA loving touch and bodily contact is essential for the healthy development of all babies and toddlers. The methods discussed in this book will help to firmly establish the parent-child relationship. Parents of premature or sick newborns will find...
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INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE: Simple Routines for Home, Work & Travel
Eilean BentleyIndian Head Massage can help to ease headaches, improve circulation in your head, face and scalp and reduce stiffness in your neck and shoulders. "The Busy Person's Guide: Indian Head Massage" is ideal for busy people as it is...
IS YOUR BODY TRYING TO TELL YOU SOMETHING?: How Massage & Bodywork can Help You Understand Why You Feel The Way You Do
Carmen Renee BerryBerry used to see her body as an unconscious machine that carried her mind. She was sceptical of beliefs in the body giving guidance, in solving life’s problems. When she lost her health, however, she was forced to...
REFLEXOLOGY DECK 52 Handy Healing Techniques
Barbara & Kevin Kunz* Complete hand and foot reflexology sequences help reduce pain and encourage relaxation* Precise, step-by-step photographs show at a glance which reflexes to press* Convenient self-help techniques show how to provide instant relief whether in the office,...
Ann GillandersAnn Gillanders for the first time dedicates a book just to back pain. Fully illustrated throughout, the book also includes special new foot charts showing special reflexology points for the back and helpful exercises to use alongside the treatment...
Nicole PerezAromatherapy is the therapeutic use of volatile essences that are extracted from plants. Combining explanatory text with a series of tables, this book on aromatherapy includes such topics as: holistic properties of the treatment; sense of smell and how...
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